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Affordable Church-Based Training that Just Works!

Build a Church that NEVER Stops Growing
Learn from America's fastest-growing churches

Our revolutionary learning method combines one-on-one coaching, distance learning, collaboration with other ministry leaders and the gospel-centered best-practices of America's fastest growing churches to help you grow your church like you always dreamed.

Our student churches often experience 25% numerical and vibrant spiritual growth within 6 months.   More...

  • Practical - Use each session immediately to grow your church
  • Affordable - A fraction of the cost of hiring a church consultant
  • Pays for Itself - Tithes naturally increase as your church grows
  • Easy for Busy Leaders - Just two transformational sessons a month

We'll help you build a church that never stops growing.

Train Your Team for $49.25/ week:  Invite unlimited team members to join you for each class. Free with our standard enrollment.*

Vital Topics: Outreach, discipleship, volunteers, leadership, hospitality, finances, small groups, church planting and more.

Relevant Training for Today: Learn gospel-centered best-practices from America's fastest growing churches.

Learn from Home: No expensive tuition or inconvenient travel. You'll attend two 1-hour training sessions a month. That's it.

Learn from Other Ministry Leaders: Your coach and classmates are pastors, evangelists, elders, deacons, teachers and preachers.

One-on-One Coaching: Your coach will help you apply the training to fit your church's unique way of doing things.

Join America's Fastest Growing Churches: Gospel-centered principles that just work in any church, any size.

"We started with around 115 people. Because of your training we're now over the 300 mark, all in about 6 months. What you said would happen, happened."
Pastor Joseph Bishop, PA

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How It Works

Growing your church does NOT have to be hard!
You'll have lot's of help. Your Healthy Church Coach is available whenever you need advice, prayer or support. Plus, we'll train you and your entire leadership team for as low as $49.25 a week.*


*Invite unlimited attendees from your church using one (1) computer login for our standard enrollment fee of $49.25 / week ($197 / month) or $1,182 for the entire 6-month course. Many student / churches set up a large-screen TV or video projector and speakers to enable their team to participate. Standard enrollment also allows unlimited access to all class documents. Additional training plans available. Call for details.