“We started with 85 members. Because of your gospel-grounded training we're now over the 300 mark—all in about 6 months. I would have never believed it... but now our visitors are bringing visitors. And our church is thriving like never before.”

7 Minutes to Church Growth!

There are 7 critical minutes that often determine whether visitors the Lord is already bringing to your church will come back or not...

If less than 25% of your visitors don't come back, your church will likely struggle to grow...

Learn to better serve your visitors—and flourish.

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  • Spiritual health fuels numerical church growth
  • Your church can flourish like never before
  • You can grow 25% in the next 6 months. No foolin'!
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7 Minutes to Church Growth reveals the seven minute window of opportunity that often determines whether a church will grow, stagnate or die.

You'll discover that gospel-centered growth isn't just about the numbers, but transformed people being "on mission" with Jesus to serve (Matt. 25:34-36). 

Get our free whitepaper and learn how your church can grow like you always dreamed it would!    You can thank us later  : )

— Pastor Joseph Bishop, Philadelphia, PA

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